So just now I watched Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb with my family (excluding my mum cus she was tired after she got back from work, plus I don’t think she’ll enjoy it as much). I’d give it 2.5 lipstick stains out of 5.


The storyline was good, nothing wrong with it. I didn’t expect much, I guess it was because I wasn’t surprised that nothing extraordinary happened (??) Or perhaps it was because I haven’t finished watching the second Night at the Museum. The new statue that was introduced to this sequel was Sir Lancelot played by Dan Steven. And can I say he was beautifulThose clear, sapphire eyes…. gorgeous! But either than him, the main characters were the old crew.

Dan Stevens as Sir Lancelot
Dan Stevens as Sir Lancelot


I must say, it was quite a risky thing for the statues to have decided the tomb that gives life to them should be kept in the British Museum. Which means they wouldn’t come alive in their home museum. I thought that had the perfect ending, plus it was Robin William’s last time on set. But nope, 3 years later the tomb was returned to the museum and the statues had a disco to celebrate it! Also, the British manager found out about it. Buuuut, Ben Stiller doesn’t work there anymore, so I guess you could say that may be the last of the movie…

After watching the movie, my sister wanted to go to the loo so I followed her and adjusted my head scarf. Then we went down to the parking lot, got in the car and drove home. Kay, not so interesting.

So why not post a picture of my sister and I? This was when we were in Burger King Singapore early this year. WHOOPS, I almost forgot, it’s 2015! Wow how time flies, so that picture was from early 2014, nearly a year ago!

My sister and I eating a bacon burger, that's me showing off a piece of bacon...
My sister and I eating a bacon burger, that’s me showing off a piece of bacon…

Well, that was me today… I gotta sleep now.

Holler peeps!



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