The Maiden Mona Lisa



Kay I don’t exactly know if she was in fact a maiden, or a madame, or a princess, or a queen… no I have no idea about her relationship status. But I thought the word ‘Maiden’ had a nice ring to it, because it starts with an M like the name Mona Lisa…

More on Paris, my family and I visited the Louvre Museum. It was absolutely brilliant being there. Before going to Paris, I heard lots about the Mona Lisa painting:

  • beautifully painted by Da Vinci
  • she actually looks at you when you’re moving
  • her smile is the element that made the painting out stand his other works of art.

Therefore, I was really looking forward to visit it.

So of course, when we arrived, we took a couple of pictures. The view was stunning, tourists scattered everywhere (including us obvs)…

We’re hereeee!!

We played around the area before going into the actual museum. You can see just how energetic I was, especially with the weather being welcoming. It was just a bit chilly, so we took off our coats and ran around while my mum told us to stop and smile for the camera…

Say "I heart Paris!"
Say “I heart Paris!”
Jumpin' jumpin' !
Jumpin’ jumpin’ !
Ladies and gentlemen: Louvre Museum
Ladies and gentlemen: Louvre Museum

After the photography sessions, we finally went inside the museum. For those who don’t know, the museum is under the glass pyramid roof you see behind us, yes underneath it.

At first, entering the museum was very nice, it looked majestic and expensive. They had this intricate painting on the ceiling which was fab!

mona lisa_4

We first saw the Mona Lisa painting. It wasn’t even that big of a painting, covered in glass and a fence was put at a far distance so us tourists can’t go beyond it. Tbh, I wasn’t THAT impressed with the famous painting. Not that it looks worse live, but because I’ve seen it even before going to Paris and when I got the chance to observe it for real, I could only appreciate it from afar. So if you guys think it’s so fascinating to visit the Mona Lisa painting, think again… But I don’t wanna lower your expectations. Who knows, you may be one of those who are so into the arts and stuff, so you might actually be surprised by what you see. Idk dude…

My dad and my sister standing really far from the painting, I don't think I have a picture of myself there so I decided to take this pic.
My dad and my sister standing really far from the painting, I don’t think I have a picture of myself there so I decided to take this pic.

We also got brochures and a map of the museum. After walking around the gallery for quiet some time, we sat and relaxed a bit, went through the leaflets taken earlier. My dad used his camcorder to tape everything, and as you can see, my brothers took their time watching it.

Cus chillin' in the Louvre Museum is cooolio!
Cus chillin’ in the Louvre Museum is cooolio!

Now the gallery… it was something. You need to really feast your eyes to what you’re about to see. And I don’t particularly mean it in a good way. Maybe you’re used to it, but I for sure was very astonished to see the paintings in the gallery. Like 80% – 90% of it were nude… -_- And nooo, we didn’t take a picture of the too-exposed ones because…I mean, why?!

One of the many paintings in the museum.
One of the many paintings in the museum.

When we were getting lost in the Louvre Museum, we didn’t walk in a group at all times. I did venture through the halls alone, trying my best to keep my coolness what with all the naked paintings. My parents told me back in the days, the French/artists viewed nudity as artwork, which explains why majority of the stuff you’ll find fit that category. I remembered, when we were walking together, there was this one sculpture of a woman with… male genitals. Ewww much?! But yeah, apart from paintings, sculptures also seemed to be the highlight of the art museum. Here’s one:

No I was posing. I'm not like that when I'm shocked at anything.
No I was posing. I’m not like that when I’m shocked at anything.

All in all, the most of the museum wasn’t just the Mona Lisa, it was the surrounding of people appreciating art, and the many artwork of famous artists, of whom I do not know of.


We took the tube to go to our next destination. I can tell you by that time, we were really tired. We did an awful lot of walking and playing so that explains our exhaustion. But despite that, we still carried on the journey because never say never… (The Fray, not the Biebs).

In front of the Metropolitain tunnel
In front of the Metropolitain tunnel
Waiting for the tube. "Everyone, say CHEEESE!"
Waiting for the tube. “Everyone, say CHEEESE!”

After what seemed like hours of walking and tube-riding, we finally reached the location. What was it? Well it was  …the very Eiffel Towerrrrr!


My family and I wandered around the place. Idk if you can see, but there are a LOT of people behind us, standing in line to reach the top of the tower. My parents once came to Paris before us, during their anniversary, and they told us a little mishap happened. So that time, my mum was in a fashionable mood. She wore high heeled boots during their trip. Since the queue to take the elevator was endless, they went with walking their way up. So in they went, with their tickets in hand, climbing the looooooooooooooooooooooong stairs of the Eiffel Tower. But then my mum was painfully knackered that she took off her boots and walked barefoot…


My siblings and I reeeally wanted to see the view of the top of the tower, both the lines to the elevator and the stairs was time-consuming. So in the end, no, we didn’t enter the tower. 😦 But it’s okay, because just being there was already an experience.

So that’s it for my 2008 Paris holiday! If it wasn’t obvious, yes I had an abso-bloody-lutely splendid time!! I hope in the future I get to revisit the place 😀

mona lisa_9


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