A Female Life

For all you women out there…


When a baby first steps into the world,

a cry could be heard in the hospital.


When a toddler first learns her ABC’s,

she squeals with enjoyment, delight and glee.


When a kid first raises her hand in class,

she strives for her best to complete Teacher’s task. 


When a teenager first kisses a boy,

she tells her bff’s about the perfect moment with full joy.


When a graduate flings her square cap up in the air merrily, 

she aspires to become the next Marie Curie. 


When a woman first enters the office building with shoes from Jimmy Choo,

a shaky face is worn as she is secretly nervous for her job interview.


When a mother first kisses her children to school,

she laughs to herself at the memory of her primary life looking like a fool.


When a grandma first holds her granddaughter in her arms, 

a tear rolls down as the newborn sucks her thumbs.


When an old lady first closes her eyes and smiles before entering the after-world,

she reminisces her accomplishments from all the way back when she was just a baby girl…


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