About the girl


That’s my way of greeting people, so that’s one thing you’ve gotta get used to about me.

My name is Azra and let me first say thank you for visiting my blog! It’s my first time doing this kinda thing and the reason to that is because I want to deepen my hobby of writing. For my friends out there, you may wonder where I got this sudden interest in writing, or should I say blogging. Well, I actually do enjoy writing, I’ve been doing it since my primary days and I guess I have decided to go public about it.

Although, my style of writing then and now differ. I still remember this piece I wrote about fairies and unicorns in a forest and a witch being the baddie. That was when I was 7, and at the very end I actually signed off with my name, my age, my class and whatnot. Basically, I liked writing stories a lot when I was younger. But now being in my teen, I guess the ideas don’t bloom that well anymore and so I mostly write about my life!

Hence the title. So I’m planning to pour everything exciting going on starting from TWENTY FIFTEEN.

So I hope you enjoy reading my blog and keep on being awesome! 😛

Azra -x-

That's me!
That’s me!

P.S. Also, my best friend Azreena introduced me to this and I’ll be a selfish brat for not acknowledging her. She’s a remarkable and quirky girl similar to me and please do visit her blog!


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