A Female Life

For all you women out there…


When a baby first steps into the world,

a cry could be heard in the hospital.


When a toddler first learns her ABC’s,

she squeals with enjoyment, delight and glee.


When a kid first raises her hand in class,

she strives for her best to complete Teacher’s task. 


When a teenager first kisses a boy,

she tells her bff’s about the perfect moment with full joy.


When a graduate flings her square cap up in the air merrily, 

she aspires to become the next Marie Curie. 


When a woman first enters the office building with shoes from Jimmy Choo,

a shaky face is worn as she is secretly nervous for her job interview.


When a mother first kisses her children to school,

she laughs to herself at the memory of her primary life looking like a fool.


When a grandma first holds her granddaughter in her arms, 

a tear rolls down as the newborn sucks her thumbs.


When an old lady first closes her eyes and smiles before entering the after-world,

she reminisces her accomplishments from all the way back when she was just a baby girl…


Fun At Abs’ Place

So yesterday (8/01/15) I went over to one of my best friend’s house, Abigail. I call her Abs because, being me, I like to shorten people’s names to one syllable especially if it forms a cool word like ABS. This is her….



I’ve been to to her house quite a number of times so like always, we chatted and watched movies. It was really nice, even though we didn’t do much, mostly laze on her bed; but sometimes the best things in life are the simplest. Abs, Sharms (Sharmilee) and I updated each other about ourselves. Them still being Sri Amanians [students’ name from my prev school (SMK (P) Sri Aman, PJ)], they told me what happened and how the school was like. I must say, I miss it a lot.

I was holding my head scarf cus I couldn't be bothered to wear a pin
I was holding my head scarf cus I couldn’t be bothered to wear a pin

Sharmilee hasn’t changed. She’s the old Sharms I knew, the quiet one. Not to say she didn’t open her mouth, noo, she’s not like that with us! But she didn’t really have much stories, sure she commented a lot but either than that, most that could be heard were her laughs…

That's me and Sharms during one of our hangouts.
That’s me and Sharms during one of our hangouts.

Today (10/01/15) I followed my mum and siblings to buy some revision books. We went to the mall for a while and my mum got caught up in this eye liner. She tested the eyeliner whilst the shop assistant promoted some of their products, though must I say she was very nice. I, on the other hand, played with their other cosmetics. I mean, c’mon, they had a bunch of tester make ups, of course Imma fool around with it. I made my sister up. I went with a subtle brown smokey eye and added this nice brown eyeliner. But yeah, it’s been some time since I played with make up, hahah.

Kay, not being all ‘commercializey’ or anything, but since I did touch a lot of their products, it’s only fair to publicize the shop. The shop was ELIANTO.


On the way to the mall, I turned on the LITE.FM radio station, they play good old quality music. And this 80’s song was on, my mum knew it so she sang along. It’s good stuff, seriously. You may know it, but have a listen!

That’s all for now folks, holler!


So just now I watched Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb with my family (excluding my mum cus she was tired after she got back from work, plus I don’t think she’ll enjoy it as much). I’d give it 2.5 lipstick stains out of 5.


The storyline was good, nothing wrong with it. I didn’t expect much, I guess it was because I wasn’t surprised that nothing extraordinary happened (??) Or perhaps it was because I haven’t finished watching the second Night at the Museum. The new statue that was introduced to this sequel was Sir Lancelot played by Dan Steven. And can I say he was beautifulThose clear, sapphire eyes…. gorgeous! But either than him, the main characters were the old crew.

Dan Stevens as Sir Lancelot
Dan Stevens as Sir Lancelot

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